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Concealed Carry (Basic) Training Course

Owensville Police Department is offering a Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW) course. This course meets the minimum requirements set by the State of Ohio to apply for your CCW permit. This is a basic course, it will be taught as if everyone in the class has never had previous firearms training. This class will be instructed by police officers who have real world experience dealing with the daily carry of a firearm and the legal issues associated. This class will give individuals a better understanding of how to carry legally and what it means to be a responsible CCW permit holder.

What will be covered; basic nomenclature (parts) of a semi-auto pistol, basic nomenclature of a revolver, how to render a handgun safe, safe handling and storage of a handgun, how to properly shoot a handgun, optional ways to carry a handgun and laws for State of Ohio pertaining to CCW.

As a student you will be required to pass a written exam over all materials covered, demonstrate safe gun handling by way of a practical Exam, and demonstrate basic shooting proficiency (live fire exam).

The cost for the course will be $80 per student, Payable by check to (Village of Owensville).  Student must supply their own ammo and handgun; some loaner handguns may be available by request. NO FIREARMS ARE TO BE BROUGHT TO CLASS ROOM, ONLY ON RANGE DAY.

Class room portion will be held at:

Owensville Police Department
115 W. Main St.
Owensville, OH 45160

Range location will be announced during classroom cession.

Questions contact:

Scott A. Humphrey or Clerk Charlotte Farmer
(513) 732-1171


Owensville CCW Class Application

CCW Reciprocity Information

Clermont County Sheriff’s CCW Permit Processing Information