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The Owensville Police Department is proud to provide 24-Hour Police Coverage to our Village Guest and the present Residents and Buisness Owners within our Jurisdiction. Owensville Police Department has a friendly staff of officers ready to assist you and guide you throught our community and find the answers to make your visit here in Owensville one worth remembering. Feel free to bring your family and friends out to the department and ask the officer to see what our Village is putting thier tax dollars and we are sure you are going to love what you see. Owensville strives to become a leader in everything we put our minds too, this includes crime and keeping it away from where your children play and where you lay your head at night. Help Us, Help You!

Our Fleet

Bike Patrol:

Owensville Police Department is not always seen out burning up the community in the Village Police Cruisers, We also have trained Ohio Bike Patrol Officers with special skills and training directly related to dealing with crowds and large gathering where a vehicle might not be able to get to and these types of crowd control and silence can only come from a Bike Patrol Officer on foot or on his or her bike to observe a much closer and more accurate view of whats going on during the events. This type of Patrol also makes for great response times when a Bike Officer can cut some corners and go where the duty patrol officer can not.

Senior Visits:

The Owensville Police Department takes great pride in its residents and wants to make sure that they are safe any time they are within the Village limits. Owensville Police Department periodically visits the Senior Citizens of the community and checks on thier welfare and gives them some comfort that they are not alone in the world. Our officers may simply help the Senior Resident with making a coffee or even going to the local store and assisting with obtaining groceries the senior otherwise would have not been able to recieve.