The Village of Owensville Government Body

Owensville and its council is working hard to see that your community is a safe and productive place to live, work and raise your family. We depend on your help and thoughts to continue to guide our community into the future of what lies ahead.


Owensville Village Council (Click A Name For More Info)



(budgets, payroll, benefits, and employment)

Joe Bailey (chairperson)

Fred Bauer

Mary Lou Cooper


(buildings, strategic planning, annexation and zoning)

Mary Lou Cooper (chairperson)

Paul McEvoy

Fred Bauer


(police, recreation, and events)

Kimberly Beuke (chairperson)

Mike Perry

Paul McEvoy

Planning Commission

(Meeting is 3rd Monday of Every Month at 6:00 p.m.)

Rick McEvoy, Mayor

Kimberly Beuke

Amy Lowe

Roger Emery


(streets, sidewalks, trash pick-up, brush pick-up, and grounds)

Mike Perry (chairperson)

Joe Bailey

Kimberly Beuke

Records Commission

Rick McEvoy, Mayor

Brian Switzer (Fiscal Officer)

David Frey, Solicitor

Kimberly Beuke, Council Person

Zoning Board of Appeals

Rick McEvoy, Mayor

Bob Havarilla

Cheryl Housh

Fred Bauer

Shirley Shipley